Press Clipping

Born in Ghana, Selasee & Fafa Family, create whirling rhythms of heady funk and reggae beats with a fusion of Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, and Caribbean melodies that possess a pop background in a contemporary and somewhat urban setting. The music of West Africa is influenced by reggae music, but it is not as globally-prevalent as Afro-pop or blues music. The soulful vocals, bouncy drums, fluid bass, gritty guitars, sax and trumpet sounds, keyboard washes, and strings create a magnificent musical medley rich in history and highlife sensibilities, which grow out of the reggae and soul domain. Whatever it is called; it is something that should be shared with everyone you know as soon as possible. These African melodies and sounds are unparalleled. For a truly great musical journey, please make Time For Peace a staple in your listening library. ~ Matthew Forss