Press Clipping
Selassee & The Fafa Family: Time For Peace

In case you didn’t know, the origins of reggae music were musically from Jamaica, but the religious beginnings were due to the belief that Ethiopian leader Haile Selasse was the promised Messiah of the Rastafarians. Well, maybe that didn’t exactly pan out, but the mix of East Africa and Jamaica sure works well on this session that includes Wailer alumnus as well as Selasee Atiase/g-voc, Adam Revell/key, Isaac Yanney/key, Brad Goode/tp, Alex Cazet/sax, Atta Addo/pec, Nina Fronjian/viol, and a collection of other vocalists . You get Marley-inspired grooves and social themes on tunes like “Time For Peace” and “The Love” which feature guitar riffs mixed with R&Bish horns. More Eastern Africa moods are provided by lilting guitar licks on “Mama Africa” and “Which One” which give you a feel of the equator, while a calypso groove gets infectious on “Like the Water.” All through, Atriase’s voice is coffee rich and earnest, making this a strong release for the fans of island music.